<![CDATA[Hsin Tai Cloth Folding Co., Ltd]]> http://www.hsintai.com Mon, 4 May 2020 16:47:10 +0800 3600 <![CDATA[ ST-215NC - Computerized Automatic Jacquard Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:11:27)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/Product-200851914572.html ST-215NC is a latest computerized automatic jacquard pleating machine in the market.  The machine comes with a laptop and has program memory function, which let you easy and quick to set the design you need.  The program works as marquee. It brings unlimited number of design patterns and can make diverse type of pleat designs on a single fabric.  The unique is it can make the combined design of diamond sharp jacquard pleats and bamboo leaf pleats.  It is popular with fabric pleating manufacturers and manufacturers for garment and window curtain.(2013/Nov/25 14:11:27)]]> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:11:27 +0800 Product-200851914572 <![CDATA[ ST-214E - Universal Automatic Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:11:40)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/03-st214e.html ST-214E can make the most popular and traditional pleat designs as straight (knife) pleat, box pleat, bamboo leaf pleat and wave pleat on clothes for ladies skirts, tops, frocks, shoes, window curtain and so on.  We offer extra knife devices for you to make more designs. You may create a variety of pleat designs by changing the knife and setting.  It brings about four hundred diverse pleat designs totally.  It is amazing. (2013/Nov/25 14:11:40)]]> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:11:40 +0800 03-st214e <![CDATA[ ST-214E - 2M/3M Universal Automatic Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:11:52)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/Universal-Automatic-Pleating-Machine.html
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Universal-Automatic-Pleating-Machine <![CDATA[ ST-214CNC - Computerized Automatic Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:12:08)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/Computerized-Automatic-Pleating-machine.html Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:12:08 +0800 Computerized-Automatic-Pleating-machine <![CDATA[ ST-217 - Automatic Vertical crystal Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:20:36)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/06-st217.html ST-217 is an automatic machine especially making vertical crystal pleat design for clothes.  The vertical crystal pleat is one of accordion pleat which has become very popular for a long time.  It can make two dimensional depths of fold on a single fabric.  This machine is prepared in many of the eminent factories in the field of hardware.(2013/Nov/25 14:20:36)]]> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:20:36 +0800 06-st217 <![CDATA[ ST-216 - Automatic Vertical Crystal Three Dimensional Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:20:56)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/05-st216.html ST-216 is an automatic pleating machine especially making vertical crystal for clothes.  The vertical crystal pleat is one of accordion pleat  which has become very popular for a long time.  The most special is it can make three dimensional depths of fold on a single fabric.  This machine is prepared in many of the eminent factories in the field of hardware.(2013/Nov/25 14:20:56)]]> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:20:56 +0800 05-st216 <![CDATA[ ST-168NC - Computerized Automatic Pinching Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:12:40)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/02-st168nc.html ST-168NC is an automatic pinching machine especially making pinch pleat for clothes.  It makes diverse raised pleats created by different design molds.  With the help of computer case, it allows lateral displacement of the design model to make various combinations of pinch designs.  You may use the touch panel to make design you want.  It can be used for many kinds of trades, such as clothes, sport wear, underwear, Christmas accessories and ornament etc.(2013/Nov/25 14:12:40)]]> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:12:40 +0800 02-st168nc <![CDATA[ ST-228 - Automatic Shrink Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:12:51)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/07-st228.html ST-228 is an automatic pleating machine especially making shrinking pleat for clothes.  It uses the characteristic of continuous circles of a spring line to produce shrinking pleat.  The fabric between shrinking pleats would look plump.  It can make all types of shrinking pleats having stretchable effect on the cloth beautifully.  

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07-st228 <![CDATA[ ST-229L - Automatic Accordion Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 14:13:05)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/15.html

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15 <![CDATA[ ST-229L - 2M/3.2M Automatic Accordion Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/25 17:52:06)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/3M3-2M-Automatic-Accordion-Pleating-Mach.html We have 2 meters and 3.2 meters working width ST-229Lmade by your request.  It is commonly used in window curtain and flynet screen system. 

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3M3-2M-Automatic-Accordion-Pleating-Mach <![CDATA[ ST-229 - Automatic Accordion Pleating Machine ()(2013/Nov/26 11:50:48)]]> http://www.hsintai.com/08-st229.html ST-229 is an automatic pleating machine especially making accordion pleat. It is commonly used in filter, lampshade, window curtain and some specific fabric for clothes. The effect is good to synthetic textile, PVC, Nylon, non-woven, paper and so on.  We have two working width machine models, 45 inches and 60 inches , for your option.
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